‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Star Admits To Stealing Eddie Murphy Material To Get Role


Stealing jokes is nothing new amongst comedians and from the looks of it, the audition room can be a place for ‘joke jacking’. As actor Tyler James Williams made the rounds promoting his newest role in the film ‘Dear White People’, he shared a little known fact on how he got the lead role for series ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, the popular series based around the life of Chris Rock, starred Williams as a younger version of Rock. While talking with Variety about wether he was familiar with Rock’s past stand-ups, he admitted that Eddie Murphy was the person he watched. He even shared that during his audition for the role he performed some stolen material from Murphy. Check out what he had to say on the matter.

Q: You started on “Everybody Hates Chris” so young; did you know Chris Rock’s act?
It was around the time he hosted the Oscars, and he was a big deal. But I didn’t yet know his standup. Though I was a huge fan of Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” and “Delirious” at that age. A lot of the stuff I did for “Chris” was stolen from Eddie.

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