Exclusive: Brandon T. Jackson To Executive Produce And Star In Docu-Series On The Lives Of 5 Comedians

brandon t jacksonFor those who don’t know, the life of a comedian can be just as entertaining as their performances on stage. Brandon T. Jackson along with L. Plummer Media has just closed a deal for a set of docu-series that will highlight the lives of 5 comedians, which includes Jackson himself. We found out exclusively through sources that Brandon will partner with Esquire & Oxygen to tell the stories of several well known comedians. This deal is being said to be the first time in history that two separate networks have decided to get behind one show. Now interesting enough, it is being considered one show since the same cast will feature on both of networks as two separate projects. Living With Funny, and Comedians Of LA will both feature the same cast but offer viewers two different perspectives. ‘Living With Funny’ is expected to capture the comedians at home while ‘Comedians Of LA’ is to capture the grind and work of the cast. Currently Brandon is the only comedian revealed to star on the show but after some looking around we caught a hint that DeRay Davis could be one of the other comedians onboard. A few days ago, Davis posted a picture of himself and two of his lady friends in what looked to be an executive office. DeRay captioned the Instagram picture, “Soooooo… THEY want OUR LIFE on TV?! uh oh.” For Brandon, this news follows the recent report of his upcoming NBC series ‘Mr. Robinson‘ alongside Craig Robinson and Megan Good getting a premiere date this August. Outside of TV, Brandon has been making stops in comedy clubs across the country with fellow comedian Rip Michaels. His current comedy club dates are expected to be in preparation for a possible tour or special. In all, it looks that Jackson is setting things up for his run through 2015.

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