Exclusive: Dave Chappelle Releasing Comedy Special On HBO

chappelle comedy special

Dave Chappelle looks to be making 2015 his year to officially come back. Since his departure from The Chappelle Show on Comedy Central, he has returned into comedy with a series of stand-up dates. Despite being on the road over the past few years, Chappelle has not released a solo special since 2005 (For What It’s Worth). Over the weekend we discovered that during his recent shows at Austin’s ACL Live in Texas, Chappelle taped his newest set of material for fans. Sources have revealed that the ‘untitled’ special will be premiering on HBO. A date when it will air has not yet been confirmed but judging from a few reactions of those who attended the taping, Chappelle didn’t disappoint.

We’ll keep you updated as more is revealed. Welcome back.

  1. He about to kill it

  2. Lito the Vito says:

    Kevin hart should be worries

  3. Why?

  4. There’s plenty of airtime for good comedians. There doesn’t have to be just one.

  5. About damn time!

  6. They’re two totally different comedians. Their style is different. None of them have to worry about each other. If anything Im pretty sure Kevin would love to try and work with Dave.

  7. eNaRDeSUCKS says:

    Two totally different comedians? Not really. There subject matter is pretty much the same, and yeah if you want to get technical their styles of course differ a little, but yeah. Kevin Hart is kind of garbage.

  8. eNaRDeSUCKSsucks says:

    Subject matter as in what? Life experience? They are totally different in both style and delivery in my opinion. Either way, your interpretation of either comedian’s approach to stand-up is exactly that, your interpretation. There’s no type A,B, or C when it comes to comedy.

  9. JoBrowski says:

    I’m rich bitch!

  10. highlander says:

    There can be only one

  11. Jonathan Robitaille says:

    What?!!!! Okay…

  12. wick rick says:

    Dude…just don’t.

  13. YouButWhyHow says:

    This is exactly why he left comedy.

  14. fuckyocouch says:

    The reference is lost on this one.
    Poor soul.

  15. Yeah dude I’m sure he replied that way it’s because it’s a super obscure reference he didn’t get and not because it’s really fucking played out (for over a decade)

  16. NeckBeard The Pirate says:

    Kevin Hart is extremely famous and has pulled in a ton of money, despite many people who consider him not to be funny at all. He has nothing to worry about, good comedy doesn’t pose a threat to him.

  17. Dylan Moore says:

    Ironically, you’re the person who doesn’t know how fucking annoying that reference is. It’s why Dave Chappelle hates people like you and he has said it.

    It’s not a popularity contest on “who knows what”. It’s about NOT saying the same things over and over for YEARS like your grandparents and parents.

    Try, just try, to be original.

  18. maxleresistant says:

    I’ve never been more excited to watch a special in my entire life. You are the best Mr Chapelle!!!

  19. Rick James says:

    Im Rick James!

  20. trackREVIVER says:

    I like how Jeff Ross acknowledged Chappelle at the JB roast on CC. He knew he was the best comedian in the house

  21. Saw the same set twice. The material is 100% fresh & original… His first set was brilliant and tight. With the second set he found this relaxed effortless timing when interacting with the audience. Austin is as famous for their 100% smoke-free venues as their music scene, and David Chappelle fearlessly flaunted the smoking ban with impunity. Total swagger rock star who was born to do standup.

    His material covered most all of the controversial topics in the news: Ferguson, Cosby, racial tensions, etc yet his insights and elevation of perspective brought intense laughter and healing to those lucky enough to catch his shows. This HBO special promises to be the start of a comeback of epic proportions.

  22. Telepathy says:

    This is proof of a higher power lol, iv been waiting many a years for this

  23. Telepathy says:

    Hah, right? Dave just chillin in the back

  24. Clay Whetsel says:

    Actually i saw him last night and he said it when he finished his show, and ironically your name is fuck yo couch

  25. Maybe Dave shouldn’t have put it at the end of the episodes of his tv series if he didn’t want people saying it…

  26. yerallfaggits says:

    leave comedy because people love you enough to reference your shit a lot? smart move!

  27. ralphonzo says:

    the lesson here is ‘everybody, please don’t mention “i’m rich bitch”!! dave chapelle might read this and then quit comedy all over again ‘. buncha dummies, if that is really why he left comedy then he’s a stupid piece of shit.

  28. Gotta jump in a disagree. Kevin speaks of a more personal material rather than Dave that speaks to social and political views. Two different types of comedians.

  29. Dave Chappelle was in the audience at the Justin Bieber Roast hosted by Kevin Hart, they fully acknowledge each other, so there’s no worries to be had. There can be several good comedians at the same time. I think Bill Burr is up there too, his material is really funny like these guys, granted, he’s white, but his everyday life talk is hilarious.

  30. Do you have 2 accounts and you talk to yourself or something lol? Weirdo…

  31. Beauty and brains.

  32. PepperBrooks Lopez says:

    LOL!!!! For real…

  33. DAFUQUMEAN says:

    I can’t wait!

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