Exclusive: Dave Chappelle Returns To Cheers In Hartford, Comedian Dame FK Recaps The Night

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Its been a year since Dave Chappelle had his infamous show in Hartford,CT that had him leaving the stage after receiving a series of heckles from the crowd. Fast forward to last night, Dave decided to return to the city apart of a surprise appearance on Funny Or Die’s Oddball Comedy Fest. Luckily for those who weren’t in attendance, comedian Dame FK exclusively shares how the night went, which Chappelle left victorious.

Dame’s Recap:

Late last night thousands amassed to Xfinity Theatre. Some in cushy private seats, some sprawled out on the cheaper grassy lawns seats, wherever they sat they were all in tears as Louis CK was knee deep in a bit about his daughter’s impending coming of age. “There’s just gonna be a swarm of dicks coming for her,” he groaned sending the crowd into hysterics, that you couldn’t imagine possible if you weren’t there. And you weren’t there. I mean why would you be? Why would anyone be in Hartford,CT for comedy?? A city made infamous this exact night a year ago for booing comedy’s troubled prodigal son, Dave Chappelle. It will instead be marred forever by a weary crowds refusal to get on board Chappelle’s new material. You know the story. They didn’t want comedy, fuck them right? Wrong. The show must go on. So they (Funny or Die) swapped out some acts, added Aziz Ansari (of NBC’s Parks & Recreations), re-recruited emerging comedy star Hannibal Buress, then to play it safe have Boston native & comedic overlord Louis CK close it out. How can you lose?

FOD didn’t stop there. Dave Attell was even enlisted, in which he might have stole the show if it were absolutely any other show. But back to Louis CK who could be seen pacing nervously before his set. Watching Ansari get a standing ovation on the same show that featured Amy Shcumer, Sarah Silverman, Buress, and even a Robin Williams Funny or Die exclusive sketch, he had to be thinking, “How do you fucking top that?” But he hit the ground running full stride and didn’t miss a beat, even when the stage was rushed by an audience member who was sitting too close. They had to be a senator of some sort to be that close. While security threw the audience member thru most of the stage and the earths outer layer, he came dangerously close to the 44 year old headlining vet, who quipped jokes as they dragged this would be assailant off stage. I mean even that couldn’t stop him. CK just powered thru a pretty monstrous set and you wondered could the night be more fucking perfect?? It did.

CK landed a final blow to the already reeling crowd and said goodnight. The place erupted and just as they were about to leave Louis reappears and says most likely the only words that could take this night to the next level. “Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Chappelle!” Five simple words that might as well have been, “ladies and gentlemen, JESUS CHRIST.” It was unworldly. Dave seemed overwhelmed but managed to maintain his charismatic smile as he dropped punch after punch into what you could tell was the culmination of a man set on redemption.


“I made a lot of money off those fuck Hartford T-shirts” he confessed to the frenzied crowd. “So this one is on me, a freebie for y’all.” He offered ten minutes in to an audience of Hartford residents who honestly would have stood in line and paid top dollar for a “Fuck Hartford” shirt at that point, he was really that amazing. “I did one hundred and fifty shows since that one terrible show here a year ago today and all of them were amazing and it’s your fault Hartford,” Chappelle continued. Later as I caught up with Hannibal Buress that night for some celebratory drinks, he told me this had been a long time coming for Dave and that he wasn’t surprised at how well it went because he knew how hard Dave was working. “It’s crazy to be so good that the one time you’re not, it’s covered nationally, this was a great night for him,” Hannibal explained. You see I was at that now infamous show where Dave got booed. Couldn’t believe it, but I remember leaving and thinking if this could happen to him it could happen to anyone. So to personally witness him return and destroy that amphitheater joke after joke, is a metaphor to his career and a poetic ode to perseverance. Happy Birthday Dave, thanks for spending it with us here in Hartford. – Dame


Contributed by comedian and Connecticut native Dame FK
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