An Exclusive Look Of Eddie Griffin In Upcoming Comedy, All About The Money

On June 2nd; Eddie Griffin will join Blake Freeman (Also Director), and Danny Trejo for upcoming comedy All About The Money. The film will follow friends who decide to hunt down a wanted man in hopes to receive a large pay-out. Griffin plays one of those friends in what will be his newest film. Luckily we here at Comedy Hype had an opportunity to land an exclusive look of the film. In the clip, we see them transporting one man in a small town as the locals take advantage to get a hold of some new clothes.


Two “down on their luck” buddies are convinced by a third to take a vacation to Columbia. Only after landing in the third world country do they realize that they are there to attempt to capture the United States’ most wanted criminal. With no military training, the friends ensue on an insane and action-packed adventure as they try to track down the criminal to claim the $25 million bounty on his head.

The project will be released in a handful of theaters across the country, below.

Los Angeles – Laemmle NoHo
Chicago – AMC Woodridge
Philadelphia – AMC Ritz Center
Atlanta – AMC Southlake
Dallas – AMC Stonebriar
Phoenix – AMC Arizona Center
Denver – AMC Westminster
Tampa – AMC Veterans
Houston – AMC Studio 30
Orlando – AMC Universal Cineplex

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