Exclusive: Marlon Wayans Explains Why You See Essence Atkins And Affion Crockett In A Lot Of His Projects

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On August 16th, Marlon Wayans is set to make his return to television with NBC series, ‘Marlon’. This time around it appears he hopes to establish HIS brand of comedy and name. In 1995 we got to learn more about Marlon’s comedic style when he shared the screen with his brother Shawn for the series, The Wayans Bros. Now his newest run at NBC looks to capture his comedic growth along with fatherhood.

If you notice one thing about the Wayans family, they love keeping their team tight. In several of their projects you will see familiar faces of actors and comedians through out the years. For his new series, we will see Marlon back on screen with actress Essence Atkins. According to research, the first time we saw the two of them together goes back to 1995 on The Wayans Bros.

We had a chance to connect with Marlon during a stop through Atlanta, GA apart of his press run for ‘Marlon’. In his brief talk, he was able to share why Essence is his go to TV wife, and why he enjoys working with another consistent face in his projects, Affion Crockett.

MARLON: “I knew I wanted Essence (for the show) …. there is a political process. You can’t just go “I want that person, deal with it”. I had chemistry with pretty much everyone that came in but me and her’s chemistry jumped off the screen. I told her when we did A Haunted House. I love the way she works with me. Essence knows when to jump in. She always has something good to say that’s on character. I told her if I ever was going to do TV, “You are going to be my Phylicia Rashad”.

CH: We notice that you use the same crew much like we would see in Adam Sandler films, like Affion Crockett is in many of your projects, is this just your thing?

MARLON: “I would love to have Affion in this (‘Marlon’). I like the same squad. It’s guys you’ve come up with. I always been a fan of Affion’s works. I casted Affion in a pilot I did, and produced, it was called ‘Felony’. Affion has made me cry in auditions, he’s been that funny. So I don’t need him to come read. Everything I do, I think what can I write for Affion. That goes for Essence, I know she’s a solid actress. I wish I could put her in every movie.”

When you look at the catalogue of Marlon’s brothers, you get an idea of what this series represents for his career. Along with the new series, Marlon is actually making his debut over at Netflix today with comedy movie, Naked. This current moment in his career appears to be an important one for Marlon as he begins setting up how he will be remembered in the line-up of legendary comedians.

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