Expect More Chris Rock Films With Leslie Jones And Tracy Morgan, Says New Film Coming

chris rock

With the success of Top 5, Chris Rock seems to be ready to continue his run in theaters. In a recent interview with Complex UK, Rock shared that he’s already working on his next film and plans to have stars from Top 5 to return.

Complex: Going off of that, Scott Rudin said, now that you’ve mastered your approach, he wants you to put movies out at a faster pace now. Is that your plan?
Rock: That is my plan. We meet every week now going over this next movie. So yeah, he wants me to work at a faster pace. I can, I guess. I like doing movies. I’m doing another one soon with a lot of the same cast.
Complex: So you’re interested in maybe building a Chris Rock troupe? Like with certain actors we can always expect in your projects?
Rock: Some people shine in Top Five. You might want to see a little more of Leslie Jones or Tracy [Morgan], once he gets better. I think Jerry Seinfeld showed us some things we haven’t seen. [laughs]

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  1. Hey Chris Rock how about putting your Younger Talented Brother Tony Rock in your next Movie!
    #He’s pretty Funny if you haven’t notice already!

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