Expect To See Chris D’Elia Rap Battle Against Eminem

It turns out that Chris D’Elia’s spoofing of rap giant Eminem has come full circle. Last year, D’Elia would go viral for a video of him imitating Eminem’s unique rap style which would get the attention of the rapper. Now fast forward to this week while promoting newest song ‘Homicide’, Eminem has went on to present a potential rap battle against Chris. Tuning in? 

Eminem and Logic’s new “Homicide” track concluded with a sample of Chris D’Elia’s viral Shady impression. On Tuesday, Eminem returned to the ‘Gram to promote the collaborative record and to make the following promise to his fans: “Me and @chrisdelia are gonna battle one day,” he wrote in the caption. The 39-year-old comedian, who raps under the Chank Smith alias, caught wind of Em’s post and immediately accepted the challenge.


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