Find Out Why Hannibal Buress Regrets Telling His Joke About Kicking A Pigeon


In 2010, Hannibal Buress dropped his first comedy album, ‘My Name Is Hannibal’. According to him, there is one joke he wished he didn’t tell on the project. In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Hannibal revealed that his joke (below) on kicking a pigeon hasn’t worked out so well because some fans have reenacted the joke.

Vibe: Was there ever a joke you wish you could take back?

There’s one joke that I did on my first record [My Name Is Hannibal] about kicking pigeons and it was a joke about how I wanted to kick a pigeon ’cause they walk around like they’re invincible. But I never kicked a pigeon at all. Because of that joke, people send me e-mails, messages or videos of them kicking pigeons, [like one] dude didn’t kick the shit out of a pigeon but he kicked it a little bit. I was doing it as a joke and I never done it or planned on doing it. It was totally something I was saying in jest. People were just telling me horrible stories about shit they’ve done to pigeons so that’s kind of a bummer. (Flip to 44:41 above to hear the “Pigeons Get Murked” segment)

Currently Buress is on his ‘The Comedy Comisado Tour’, check out the dates here.

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