First Listen: Maronzio Vance ‘Laughmatic’ Comedy Album

maronzio vance

On August 19th Maronzio Vance will be debuting his upcoming comedy album ‘Laughmatic’ with on Rooftop Comedy Productions. Check out a first listen of his upcoming album.

Maronzio Vance’s debut stand-up comedy album ‘Laughmatic’ is hurtling into our consumerist reality on August 19th, 2014. Those eager to hear a man tell it exactly like it is will be able to do so by finding the album on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major streaming services. A North Carolina native, Maronzio Vance first performed stand-up when he was fifteen years old. His brand of dry cerebral humor has put him in the favor of crowds througout the country with an exhaustive performance schedule. Maronzio is a star on the rise, with a growing resumé of performances and appearances. He’s a cast member of FOX’s Enlisted, was selected to be a part of the In Living Color reboot, has featured on The Tonight Show, Wanda Sykes’ Wanda Does It, Comedy Central’s Half Hour and Last Comic Standing. He’s also appeared in national spots for Miller Lite and is a national headliner, working in club dates between taping for television and commercial work. Maronzio has a knack for making the objectionable palatable. Never one to watch his words, he manages to say things that the rest of us won’t but in a disarming fashion that makes you love him more than you hate him. On Laughmatic, he toes the line of what some deem inappropriate while illuminating the dark corners of his own mind and sharing some of his more guffawing experiences.

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