First Look Pictures Of Kevin Hart And Will Ferrell In ‘Get Hard’

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As discussed, Kevin Hart joined Will Ferrell back in April on set of new comedy ‘Get Hard’. In the upcoming film, Hart will play criminal coach for Ferrell’s character. Yesterday the studio released several first look pictures of the new film expected to hit theaters in March of 2015.

The two comic actors have looked for years for the right joint project, and Hart says first-time director Etan Cohen “gave the green light” for the two to move away from the script. One six-minute improv scene has Hart playing three wildly varying prisoners harassing King. “Come on, man, you have Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, you know doggone well we’re not staying on the script. There was tons of improv,” says Hart. “Sometimes it would fall flat, and then we’d nail it — home run.” USA TODAY

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