Five Funny ‘Super Bowl’ LII Bets

The Super Bowl has become such a massive entertainment product that there are thousands of bets you can make on the big game, ranging from traditional spread bets to truly absurd prop wagers which have nothing whatsoever to do with football. Similar to climbing a mountain, some betting fans will wager on something simply because it’s there. After sifting through the myriad of Super Bowl LII sports betting odds offered by the likes of Bovada, we present the funniest bets you can make on February 4th.

1. Length Of National Anthem?

Over/under Two Minutes

The Star-Spangled Banner continues to be one of the most popular songs for cover bands and aspiring singers looking to get an inside edge on the entertainment industry. Media coverage of the United States national anthem reached record volumes this season because some members of the general public believe that NFL players have been protesting a song, instead of inequality and police brutality.

Nonetheless, one of the most heated prop bets prior to kickoff will be the length of the anthem performance, sung this year by Grammy Award-winning artist Pink. Known for her powerhouse vocals and acrobatic performances, Pink has an outside shot at setting a new record for longest Super Bowl anthem.

The standard was set by Alicia Keys (she’s good at piano) during Super Bowl XLVII, who sang for two minutes and 32 seconds – the same year Colin Kaepernick played in the big game. Coincidence or conspiracy – you be the judge.

2. ‘N Sync Joins Justin Timberlake On-Stage?

Please Lord No: -300 :: Yes, The Lord Forsakes Thee +200

When it became obvious that the pop music world preferred Justin Timberlake over the rest of the of ‘N Sync, the megastar struck out on his own, becoming a wildly successful solo artist and actor who occasionally reveals breasts in front of billions.

Tough to remember their names, but Joey, Jim-Bob, Sebastien and the rest of Justin’s N ‘Sync pop crew collected their cash and remained mostly out of sight. Will Justin share the stage with his former bandmates, or was he serious when he said bye, bye, bye for the last time? “Please lord no” is currently the favorite for this prop bet.

3. Let Talk About Wardrobe Malfunctions?

Over/Under 1.5

How many times will the media continue to blame Janet Jackson for being partially disrobed by Justin Timberlake on live TV in front of the world? If you choose more than 1.5 times during the broadcast, not including halftime, you might win money.

4. New England Patriots Score A Single Point All Game?


Before wagering on this insane prop, you’ll need to determine if it’s even possible to score a single point in American football. As of the 2015 season, the answer is yes. The NFL decided to take a page from the wacky, Canadian version of football, which calls a single point a “rouge” – French for red.

Basically, if the Eagles screw up a field goal so badly that the Patriots tackle them in Philly’s end zone, New England would score a single point. If the best team in NFL history doesn’t score for the rest of Super Bowl LII, you’ll receive a sweet 9900-1 payoff. These are known as Dumb and Dumber odds: “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”

5. Ex-Patriot Chris Long Will Tattoo Another Man’s Face On His Body If Philly Wins!

Perhaps the most entertaining prop bet of Super Bowl LII, a grown man will have another grown man’s face tattooed on his body if the Eagles win the championship.

That’s right – for some reason, ex-Patriot and current Philly defensive end Chris Long bet his own linebacker coach on the upcoming game. If the Eagles win, Long will tattoo a portrait of Ken Flajole somewhere on his body. Even Chris admits that is was “a really dumb bet”.

Frankly, this bet should make most people Eagles fans just on principle alone, especially if Long tattoos Flajole’s face on his ass – which would be one of the most legendary tats in body art history. Chris already mentioned he won’t visit Trump’s White House if he wins, which only increases Long’s prestige.

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