When “Flexing On Instagram” Goes Wrong Featuring Hannibal Buress

hannibal buress

Sometimes on social media site Instagram, people take advantage of other people’s perception. Even the phrase ‘Flexing on Instagram’ has become a popular saying to describe when a user over exaggerates a favorable moment with a picture. Well Hannibal Buress doesn’t seem to be a fan of flexing or just straight out lying. When it came to one post in particular Buress quickly called out a would be ‘Flexer.’ Earlier today a user shared a picture of himself alongside the Neighbors star, in what looked to be a shout-out post. In the picture Buress is seen raising a shirt created by the user in support, but the problem of this picture came from what the user decided to write in the caption. “Came out to promote and got a chance to kick it with @HannibalBuress!…And he actually bought one of my sweatshirts because he believed in what it stood for! Funny I have a TV star/comedian support me and my grind but people in my own city don’t!…,” was written in the caption. 


Now things got interesting when Buress decided to actually respond to the post with his Instagram account and revealed a back story about the picture. “But …you gave it to me for free then asked me to pose for a picture and I obliged. I don’t know man. Do you,” was written directly under the picture by Buress. Following Buress’s response the picture looks to have been later removed, but Buress was able to get a screen-shot of the post which he then later shared.

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