Former ‘Chappelle Show’ Talent Now Looks To Make A Name For Himself In Comedy, Talks With Comedy Hype

DJ Gabie “The Gift”, is a name many may not know in the comedy world but we guarantee you know his work. Gabie, whose real name is Devro Delk, would do character work on several episodes of ‘The Chappelle Show’ for Comedy Central. His most notable role was when he served as one of the basketball players in the sketch, ‘Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Prince Story’. Remember the guy in the red pants who snuck behind Murphy to set up a pick? Yes, that was Delk. Most recently we caught up with the Atlanta based DJ who would tell us about filming on ‘The Chappelle Show’ and his life around comedy. Interesting enough he would reveal that before working with Dave Chappelle he randomly served Dave coffee years earlier in New York City while working at a Starbucks.

According to Gabie “The Gift”, he is now looking to attack comedy much more seriously. By using his original character Orved Kled, which happens to be his real name spelled backward, Delk is hoping to get the attention of the comedy world. Check out our discussion with him, below.

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