FX CEO Says He Misses Louis C.K.’s ‘Louie’

Recently, there have been talks about a possible return of Louis C.K. after he stepped away from the forefront following a series of sexual accusations he would admit to. Before the accusations, C.K. was producing his loved series, ‘Louie’, over at FX. Now, in a recent talk with Variety, FX CEO John Landgraf has opened up to express how deeply he misses the show and that Louis’s return depends on Louis and the voices of the ‘Me Too Movement’.  Should a ‘Louis C.K. return’ happen?

“I love Louie and I love [Louis C.K.’s] work and I miss him, and I miss it,” Landgraf told Variety…..But in the end, Landgraf says it’s up to other people to determine whether or not Louis C.K. can return to TV. “I think that the people that are on the other side of this movement, that is to say the people that are coming forth and telling their stories, have been suppressed for so long,” said Landgraf. “They have a lot to say about what happens. So it’s not really in my control, is what I would say. Some of it is about what Louis decides to do, and some of it is about where we go as a society and when, if ever, we’ll be ready to have second chances or forgiveness—and who gets to be forgiven. Not my decision.”