Gerald & Isiah Kelly Looks To Clear Katt Williams’s Name On Sway In The Morning

A few days ago, veteran comedian Gerald Kelly stopped by the studio to talk with Sway In The Morning. Along for the interview Gerald brought his son Isiah Kelly to discuss their career in comedy. Among sharing news on their tour together they moved their talk to touch on Katt Williams. According to Gerald, Katt was on his way to his house in Georgia before being arrested. Both Gerald and Isiah then proceeded to explain how Katt is not what people may think of him.

When we were living in Los Angeles, years ago we had nothing…. Doing comedy in LA, you don’t get paid…(Isaiah voice), Katt used to throw me money.. I can call him right now and say “Katt I need some work…”, he would come through. Katt is a good dude, I really don’t believe the stuff this going on the media with him…. I really think the media is out to get him… I don’t think Katt is doing drugs at all…

They continued to clear Katt’s name and shared a few stories with Katt doing good deeds. They even brought up Katt’s cut-show in Atlanta which involved him being bit by a spider.

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