HaHa Davis Proves Hustle Pays Off With First Major Role, Talks With Comedy Hype

To the world, Detroit is known as a city of hustle, grit, and ambition. Though being one of America’s toughest cities it has produced some of today’s most well-loved comedic voices. Comedians like Brandon T. Jackson, David Alan Grier, Keegan-Michael Key, and Tony Roberts call the city home. With the internet world now being a platform for this generation of comedy, we are hearing about another name representing the city, HaHa Davis. The former football player turned online personality has acquired a solid fan base of 2.3 Million followers on Instagram and has now landed his first major role with Meet The Blacks 2 (The House Next Door). “I didn’t see myself being a comedian…. it went from being fun to me… to it getting addicting and then it became my job… I then wanted to go to the little screen to the big screen…”, Davis shared.  Meet The Blacks 2 is expected to release next Halloween in 2018.

Davis’s current growth is what many online comedy talents hope for; the ability to go from the internet to your name in film credits. The transition from the internet to film is not an easy one but Davis is definitely showing it is possible.

Nearly three years ago Davis began establishing one of his most notable comedy phrases, “Big Fella”. The phrase has been used in the past but Davis has made it his own. What started off as something amongst friends is now one Davis’s calling cards. “Big Fella” for Davis is often used in many of his skits to show some of his character’s mishaps and the subtle reminder to get a hold of yourself.

HaHa on the set of Meet The Blacks 2 with Director Deon Taylor, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Lil Duval, Clifton Powell, Tyrin Turner, and comedian Zooman Miller. Photo: Instagram/HaHaDavis

Despite his now prominent success, this journey was not overnight. Detroit, as described by Davis, is somewhere where you learn how to make a way out of no way. With the hustler mentality, we are seeing the online comedian take his nearly 700 videos to open up bigger doors. One of Davis’s earliest big breaks was when he connected with Chance The Rapper to feature on the music project, Coloring Book. Davis would go on to do voice-over work for the rapper and the album would serve as a platform to connect with another level of fans. The particular performance reminds us of the time DeRay Davis collaborated with another Chicago rapper, Kanye West. “I wasn’t trying to be a comedian. I was trying to go to the NFL..”, Davis expressed while discussing his success in comedy.

After Meet The Blacks 2 (The House Next Door) we can only assume Davis is eyeing his next few projects. When asked who was his dream cast to collaborate with, he would name Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, and Katt Williams. “If we all did a skit, it would crazy. I don’t think it would break the internet, it would break the world,” Davis shared. To further hint that he’s not done with films, Davis opened up that his recent career turning point was a call from Kevin Hart. The call as shared by Davis was about Kevin expressing how he was a fan of his work and that the two will be working together soon.

So much for those who said it wasn’t possible, Davis is proving otherwise.