Hannibal Buress And Jerrod Carmicahel To Feature In ‘Neighbors 2’, As Cops

hannibal buress jerrod carmichael

This year has been a good one to both Jerrod Carmichael and Hannibal Buress, the two premiered their own TV shows with major networks and are now getting back into film. For the sequel of 2014’s comedy Neighbors, Jerrod and Hannibal are set to return but only this time side by side. Earlier in August, Jerrod told radio show Opie And Jimmy that his original character Garf from the first film will now be a police officer alongside Hannibal. Today on Instagram, Hannibal confirmed the earlier reports with a picture of him and Jerrod on set, and of course in their police uniforms. For those who don’t know the now Neighbors franchise tells the story of a couple (Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne) who battle it out with a fraternity that move next door.  Neighbors 2  will now spotlight a Sorority under the same circumstances. The comedy is currently being filmed in Atlanta with an expected release date for May 20, 2016.

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