Hannibal Buress Films 3rd Comedy Special, Set To Premiere On Netflix

hannibal buress

This past Friday, Hannibal Buress took a trip down to Minneapolis, MN to deliver his third upcoming comedy special. As shared, the currently untitled special is expected to premiere on Netflix in January. With a series of big career moments, this could easily be considered Hannibal’s most anticipated special.

I’m excited to film this material and if I’m being honest I think it’s some of my most middling work to date. Not as good as my old stuff but not horrible either. Just really ok stuff. Anyways it’ll be out in January or February probably. Who knows.

The taping occurred apart of Hannibal’s stop at The Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis, here’s what a few people who were in attendance are saying.

Hannibal recently finished the first season of TV series ‘Why With Hannibal’ on Comedy Central. Keep you posted as more details surface.

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