Hannibal Buress Recaps Justin Bieber Roast With Bomani Jones

hannibal buress

Hannibal Buress called into ESPN’s Bomani Jones podcast ‘The Right Time’ and discussed this years Justin Bieber roast on Comedy Central. In their conversation, Hannibal spoke on getting a particular joke cut from the roast, and over all thoughts on the night . Take a listen.

Watch the entire roast here.

  1. I didn’t laugh not once at Hanibal Buresse on the JB Roast. Not once…and that’s crazy, cause I was cracking up the rest of the time. Booking that guy almost RUINED the whole roast!

    Buresse said on the roast that he was only there because it was a ‘great opportunity’ for him, so he’s an opportunist, and it showed. It didn’t even seem like he was trying to be funny. He had an opportunity to show his talent, and we found out he doesn’t have any..but I hope he improves. But all I saw was meanspiritedness from him..and thats not funny. All the other celebrities were DELICIOUSLY FUNNY. Not him.

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