Hannibal Buress’s ‘Unemployable’ Premiering On Comedy Central?

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A couple days ago Hannibal along with a few reports spread word that his pilot with Comedy Central was picked up for 10 epsiodes. For the reality comedy series Unemployable he will take viewers on his weekly hustle on different jobs. Now according to SplitSider, Comedy Central hasn’t confirmed the pilot order just yet. But one thing  that can be confirmed  is that Hannibal will be on Comedy Central March 29th, for his new special.

SplitSider Reports:

It turns out Hannibal Buress’s tweet about the pilot being picked up isn’t accurate and his pilot hasn’t been picked up yet, according to Comedy Central. A spokesperson from Comedy Central gave this statement: “While we love Hannibal and are excited about his pilot, it was just delivered. We’ll be evaluating it, along with several other projects in development, in the near future.” Buress described his show to us earlier this week in an interview that’s going up in a couple weeks. Here’s what he had to say:”My pilot is just me doing different jobs, a comedian version of Dirty Jobs. So it’s just me working at a goat farm, I worked at a diner, I worked as a fortune teller — just me doing different jobs and then we recorded standup with me talking about these jobs at the Knitting Factory. So there’s a reality portion and then the standup, and I narrate it too. It’s my first narrating gig.”

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