Hannibal Buress’s Disorderly Intoxication Case In Miami Dismissed

(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Hannibal Burress can officially put his run-in with Miami cops behind him. If you can recall, Buress was arrested after an exchange with an officer during a night out. The entire incident between Buress and the officer was caught on tape which ended with the comedian getting arrested. Yesterday, Burress and his lawyer handle the matter in a courtroom and was able to walk away with the case being dismissed.

During a hearing Thursday morning, prosecutors announced they were dismissing the case. The comedian’s attorney, Brian Bieber (no relation), tells us Hannibal’s exchange with the officer was fully protected by the First Amendment. As Bieber put it, “It’s not a crime. We’re pleased the prosecutors reviewed the fact and dismissed the case.”


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