They Hate Colin Kaepernick Right Now More Than O.J. Simpson – DL Hughley

TMZ ended up catching DL Hughley earlier today for an impromptu discussion on Colin Kaepernick, OJ Simpson, and Barack Obama. The current political climate has definitely centered around race and Hughley has consistently pointed out a double-standard. For his discussion while at Los Angeles’s LAX, Hughley named Kaepernick, Simpson, and Obama as the most hated black men in America. Hunghley’s main focus would be of that of Colin Kapernick as the former NFL Player has yet to be acquired by a team following his national anthem protest. Watch below.

As we previously reported, Kaep is gearing up to file a grievance against the NFL, alleging collusion by the NFL owners to keep him out of the league following his national anthem protest. We got Hughley at LAX, and he told our guy he agrees 100% the NFL honchos are blackballing Colin — and he has a reason. “If Kaepernick had gotten an opportunity to try out for a squad and not made it, then this whole thing wouldn’t have merit.” Later adding, “If he’s incapable of playing how come they’ve never let him prove it on the field?”

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