Watch: Heckler Gets Knocked Out At Mike Epps Show In Arizona

Over the weekend things got pretty crazy for Mike Epps at his comedy show in Phoenix, AZ. During a performance at StandUpLive comedy club, Epps was doing his usual routine of jokes but ended up offending one of the audience members. Like most comedians Epps poke fun at the man with jokes but he and the other people in attendance were the only people laughing. Things quickly escalated when the man got up a began heckling Epps, which later resulted in him being attacked. TMZ got a hold of some of the footage.

Mike Epps’ comedy was so brutal this past weekend, a guy was left bleeding and unconscious. Epps was performing Friday at StandUpLive in Phoenix when he started clowning a guy in the front row for wearing a flannel shirt, saying he looked like the guy from Hootie & the Blowfish. Everyone laughed but the doppelgänger, who got so PO’d he stood up and began yelling back at Epps. Security closed in, the guy stood up to leave and got jumped by some guys in the crowd. One witness says he saw someone sucker punch the guy.

Mike tried to calm the situation down moments before things got out of hand as captured by user IAMBNEW on Instagram.

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