Here’s The First Look Of Donald Glover In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

On July 7th, fans will finally get a chance to see Donald Glover in theaters for his role in the newest installment of Spiderman. We’ve long known that Glover was set to make an appearance in the film but we finally get a chance to see a glimpse of what he’s up to. The newest trailer to the comedic-action flick was released and Donald was there to give Spiderman some advice.

Donald Glover has some advice for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. The new trailer, which is noticeably way better than the last one, sees Glover’s character calmly offer the following words of wisdom: “You gotta get better at this part of the job.” The rest of the trailer sees Parker adjusting to the Spider-Man life by halting a bike thief and complaining about Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) treating him “like a kid.”


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