Here’s The First Look Of Nicole Byer’s ‘LadyLike’ Coming To MTV In June

For stand-up comedian Nicole Byer she will be leading off a series of pranks with MTV for her previously revealed show, Ladylike. The prank series will star Nicole alongside comedic personalities including Megan Gailey, Jade Catta-Preta, Blair Socci, and others. Today MTV announced the shows official premiere set for June 9 at 10:30PM EST and even went on to release the first trailer.

Through a sharp, comedic lens, “Ladylike” upends gendered stereotypes and disrupts sexist ideas around issues like reproductive rights and gender norms. Pranks like “Save our Sperm” challenges men to engage their own bodies in the struggle for reproductive rights, while “Toys for Boys” asks a focus group to consider some very special dolls made just for boys, and “Junk Male” flips the male-gaze with hilarious results.


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