Here’s What Season 4 Of The Carmichael Show Could Have Touched On, According To The Series’s Show-Runner

Last night, The Carmichael Show came to an end and left fans wondering what season 4 could have took on. The show which looked to have not won over enough executives at NBC, was announced to be taken off-air this season. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, show-runner Danielle Sanchez-Witzel talked about the ending of the show and even hinted where the show could have grown in season 4.

THR: One topic you mentioned wanting to tackle in season four was homelessness. What other issues would you have liked to discuss on the show had you come back?

All kinds of stuff. Maybe nuclear war is something we would have talked about. Who knows what we would have talked about. Planned Parenthood being defunded and the different characters we have would have certainly had something to say. There was an episode about travel and terrorism and fear and where our characters fell with regard to broadening their horizons. We talked about an episode where they were all going to go to Paris but Joe and Cynthia backed out and Jerrod was mad because he paid for it. There were lots of things to talk about. Certainly, I don’t think we would have run out of interesting topics. We were heading in a direction for Maxine and Jerrod’s relationship. We had plans for that, that we would have liked to continue to explore. And Bobby’s character, we ended him in a place where he was finding himself. I’m glad that we had the opportunity do it but Tiffany Haddish’s character Nekeisha, we were able to feature her a bit more in season three and that certainly would have continued to happen in season four. People watching found out that Joe had a son before Jerrod and Bobby so that was a character we would have certainly made plans to continue to look at how that affected him, potentially meet him. We certainly approached the season as if there was going to be more.

You can read the full interview, here

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