Historic Comedy Club Jokes & Notes In Chicago Is Closing It’s Doors

Kind of a blow to the comedy world. Famed Chicago comedy club, Jokes & Notes will be saying bye to its patrons in Chicago this coming Saturday. The news of the club closing comes as a surprise as it was an early stage for many rising comedians from the city. Owner Mary Lindsey took some time out to speak with You & Me This Morning to speak about the club’s impact and her final show.

“The operating expenses just grew beyond me staying in existence,” she said. “I had to make a decision to stop the bleeding, if you will, because expenses continued to rise, but the support isn’t here.” Capacity is 150, but an average night would see only 70 patrons, sometimes fewer. Big headliners haven’t always helped, she said. Lindsey said the venue, at 4641 S. King Drive, has been seeing a decline since year six, but she kept hoping for a change. Part of the problem was the bad reputation given to 47th Street, which Lindsey said is considered unsafe by some.


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