Howard Stern Names Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy And Pryor As His Top 3 Stand-Ups Of All Time


Ever wonder who makes popular radio jock Howard Stern laugh? Recently Howard revealed his top 3 stand-up comedians. Thoughts?

Since the days of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson there has not been an outlet which can make a comedian’s career in a single appearance. The Howard Stern Show however comes closest because if Stern likes an act he make them instantly more successful. That has helped countless comedians including Whitney Cummings and Amy Schumer recently. Stern has always been generous to comics, giving them time, allowing them to be funny but not forcing them to do the dancing monkey routine most local morning shows call for. Earlier this week Stern weighed in on his favorite stand-ups of all time and you may be surprised to see who he picked. The radio host selected “Eddie Murphy, then Chris Rock, then Richard Pryor.” Missing from his list was Sam Kinison who was a huge presence on the Stern show during his tumultuous life. Check out what Stern’s staff had to say on Twitter via the @SternShow handle.

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