Insecure’s Costume Designer Ayanna James Talks About The Show’s Fashion Choices, On The Ignant Agenda Podcast

Photo: Instagram/ThatsAyannaJ

You ever watch an episode of Insecure and wonder why Issa was wearing a certain shirt? Well Ayanna James would be the one with the answer. In a new one on one with The Ignant Agenda podcast, the Florida native connects with host Nick Waters to share some insight about the show’s fashion choices. From the episode we learn how the stylist got her start, fashion on the series, supporting indie-brands and more. And for those wondering where they can get Insecure fits from they see on the show, Ayanna went on to tell Fashionista, “..I do get a lot of e-mails and tweets as the episode airs that will say like…”Where did you get this from?” and I’ll tweet a picture and attach the brand”. So make sure you check out her tweets to find out where Issa gets certain looks from on the show.

From the hit show “Insecure” on HBO, Ms. Ayanna James has worked her way up in Hollywood. A striving fashion and costume designer, Ayanna talks to us about her role on the set of Insecure and how she’s been able to use her creativity to catapult her career. Plug up and enjoy!

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