This Interview With Eddie Murphy And Arsenio Hall Will Remind You Why You Love ‘Coming To America’

Coming To America was one of the biggest comedy films to ever hit theaters. The film is considered some of Eddie Murphy’s best work in his respected catalogue. In the film we are introduced to several unforgettable characters, tag lines, and jokes. One thing that stood out through-out the film was the friendship between Murphy (Akeem) and Arsenio Hall (Semmi). Their friendship portrayed so well on screen that it accurately reflected the men’s real life bond off-screen. With a sequel of the film being reportedly in works we can’t help but remind ourselves why we love the film.

In an on set interview, Murphy and Hall sit down with cameras to share how the project even happened, how they met, and how similar their characters are to themselves. You can see the dynamic of Murphy’s and Hall’s friendship through the whole interview, especially at the end. We hope to see Semmi and Akemm back together again. Black-ish’s Kenya Barris is on board to write Coming To America 2’s script.