Issa Rae And ‘Insecure’ Cast Win A Peabody Award

Photo: HBO

The cast of ‘Insecure’ on HBO have gained one of society’s biggest awards. Yesterday, it was revealed that Issa Rae’s series has one a Peabody Award for entertainment. Other notable comedy winners included Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and SNL.  Rae would go on to acknowledge the win with a tweet that read, “Pop that Peabody!”

Here’s what The Peabody Awards has to say about the series:

Issa Rae delivers a groundbreaking series that captures the lives of everyday young black people in Los Angeles with a fresh and authentic take. Breaking away from tired and familiar representations of “diversity” on television, this series offers a fun and intimate portrayal of work, relationships, and the ordinary experiences of the two young black women at its center.

Congrats to Issa & the cast! Season 3 of the series is currently in production.