Jak Knight Tells Comedy Hype About His Netflix Debut, Thoughts On A Kanye West Presidency, Plus More

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Comedian Jak Knight is doing comedy his way and it’s paying off in his favor. Not only has Jak achieved things that some people could only dream of, like opening for Dave Chappelle and writing for Nick Kroll’s animated Netflix show, “Big Mouth”, but now Jak is making his Netflix debut. Today, Jak will make his debut as part of the stand-up series, The Comedy Lineup.  Comedy Hype caught up with Jak to chat about the debut, plus more!

CH: The Comedy Lineup premieres on Netflix, Tuesday, July 3rd — you’re one of the 8 performers that’s part of the lineup — What should we expect from your set?

JK: Just really smart pussy jokes. In comedy right now, it feels like everyone’s trying to feed you vegetables first. My objective is to feed you vegetables with candy. I grew up watching The Boondocks, so my whole life, I just wanted to be a grown-ass Riley. So basically what i’m saying is, my set what you’d get from a 24-year-old Riley Freeman.

CH: All comedians are influenced by comics of generations before them. Who influenced you or currently influences you?

JK: Of course I could name the obvious greats like Patrice O’Neal, Bill Burr, and Dave Chappelle, but in all honesty, I’m influenced by my friends and the generation of comics who are coming up now. I love people like Jamar Neighbors, Ali Wong, Clayton Thomas and my good friend, Sam Jay. Honestly, I feel like I’m a mix between Sam Jay and Jamar Neighbors.

CH: You run a show called, “Tasteful” in LA at Milk Tavern, with fellow comic Langston Kerman. What prompted you guys to start this show?

JK: We just wanted to start a show that provided people with a taste of the talent in LA. We make sure we carefully pick the lineups so that we meet that goal. We’ll have someone like Lizzy Cooperman follow someone like Teddy Ray. Or a comic like Clayton English follows a comic like Taylor Tomlinson. We put a lot of effort into the lineups to make sure that the show’s lineups are diverse in talent and fun for our audience. And if that’s not enough, we also have alcohol-infused ice cream. [Laughs].

CH: You tweet a lot about music. Who does Jak Knight listen to when he’s getting pumped up for a show?

JK: Honestly, I’m the opposite; I like to be chill before a show. I like to go into it on zero and build the energy up to one hundred. I’ve been listening to Noname, Saba, J.I.D. and a lot of Pusha T and Frank Ocean. I like to keep it chill. I can’t be on level 2000, cause then I’ve already exerted my energy.


CH: So no DMX?

JK: [Laughs] Yeah, no DMX.

CH: Speaking of music, you’re a big Kanye fan. How’d you feel about all of the “Kanye supports Trump” controversy? 

JK: If you’re a grown-ass man who listens to Kanye for political views, you’re a fucking idiot. You’re a clown. I actually have a joke about this. Look, if you’re big Kanye fan, you know that Kanye has never been good at saying words. Kanye has good ideas, it just comes out of his mouth as trash. Kanye only speaks in 808’s and samples [Laughs].

CH: Kanye has expressed his intentions to run for President when Trump’s term is over — are you fucking with that or nah? What would a Kanye presidency be like?

JK: He’s not doing that. Kanye knows exactly what to say to get his album sales up. Everything is calculated. It’s all one big game. Don’t fall for it.

CH: Okay Jak, let’s switch up the pace here. When I say these words, what comes to mind? Starting with Seattle.

JK: Jimi Hendrix.

CH: Rapper Lil Baby

JK: [Makes baby sounds] Wah-Wah-Wah!

CH: Drake.

JK: Emotionally well-rounded.

CH: You make your Netflix debut on ‘The Comedy Lineup’ on Tuesday, July 3rd. What else is coming up for you? 

JK:  Aside from ‘The Comedy Lineup’, I have a few things going on. Saturday, July 6th, Comedy Central is premiering my fun show, “Playlist”. Season 2 of the show I write for, “Big Mouth” premieres in September. And honestly, my next goal is getting a full Netflix special.

Checkout Jak Knight on Netflix’s “The Comedy Lineup” on Tuesday, July 3rd.

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