Jaleel White To Guest Star In Upcoming Episode Of ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

Jaleel White is headed back to TV as he has been revealed to now serves as a guest star on a new episode of ‘Fresh Off The Boat’. According to Variety, Jaleel’s upcoming role on the ABC series will have him play as a general manager at a car dealership.

Jaleel White will guest star in an upcoming fifth season episode of ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat,” Variety has learned. White will play Calvin, a sarcastic and under-appreciated general manager of a car dealership, where Louis (Randall Park) buys an RV. Calvin does all the work for the dealership but is forced to play second-fiddle whenever his boss comes to visit. White joins “Fresh Off the Boat” as the scripted comedy series moves to Friday nights along with “Speechless” as part of a revamped TGIF comedy block. White previously starred on one of ABC’s original TGIF shows, “Family Matters,” in the breakout role of Steve Urkel.

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