A Jamie Foxx Show Reunion / Reboot Could Be In The Works, According To Garcelle Beauvais

We might soon see Fancy (actress Garcelle Beauvais) and Jamie King (Jamie Foxx) back on screen together. In a brief talk with ET; Garcelle Beauvais shared that she recently ran the idea of a Jamie Foxx Show reboot pass Jamie and was pleased to find out he was interested. Are you down to check out a reboot of Foxx’s former show?

ET caught up with the 50-year-old actress over the phone last week, where she dished about how she and Foxx have remained friends throughout all these years, and teased a possible reunion of the WB sitcom.¬†“Oh my god! Can I tell you, now that reboots are all the rage, I actually just texted [Foxx] saying, ‘We need to talk. We need to figure out what we’re going to do.’ And he was like, ‘I’m down. Let me know when,'” Beauvais revealed. “So we’re going to try to figure out something.”


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