Jamie Foxx Shows Support For Kanye West: “I’m Not Jumping On The Bandwagon”

Jamie Foxx has finally commented on his longtime friend, Kanye West’s latest. West had the internet on 10 when he would stop by TMZ a few days ago to express how he felt “slavery was a choice.” West would go on to reveal more of his thoughts on society and shared his latest. It is noted that Foxx became good friends with Kanye during his transition back into music. The duo would go on to make several hit songs like, ‘Gold Digger’.

According to Jamie, he feels that TMZ should have taken more responsibility in giving Kanye the platform to speak. “TMZ knows they don’t need to be doing that sh*t…. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon.” Foxx would also make it clear that he felt his friend is just going through some things. Check out the moment, below.

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