Jamie Foxx’s Mike Tyson Impression Approved By Tyson

Last year we found out that Jamie Foxx will be taking on the role of former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson. Since the announcement, Foxx has spoke on the upcoming role and even gave HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning a exclusive look into the opening of the film. A few days ago while at the same radio show, Tyson himself went on to comment (29:00) about Foxx’s involvement in the film which he went on to share he approves Foxx’s impression of him.

HOT 97:What do you think of his impression of you?

It’s beautiful, keep it going baby, keep it going baby, keep it going

Tyson’s response looks to have shown that things cooled down since previous years, when Jamie supposedly was confronted by Tyson, after his impression of the boxer aired on In Living Color. The upcoming biopic has yet to be reveal a date for theaters.

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