Jay Pharoah Points Out That SNL’s Cast Avoided Standing Next To Trump

Photo: SNL

Back in 2015, Donald Trump was on the campaign trail for The White House and ended up showing off his more comedic side during a stop to Saturday Night Live. The series would actually receive some backlash for allowing the then presidential candidate on it’s stage. Around this time, Jay Pharoah was still apart of SNL’s cast and has recently shared how things went with Trump at SNl. Pharoah has gone to point out to The Daily Beast that Trump was pretty much avoided by the show’s cast and it was captured on film.

“It was a weird episode,” Pharoah adds. “Even at the end, everyone was standing in the back. Nobody would stand next to him. He’s doesn’t even notice it!”

Thanks to one creative viewer we see Jay’s actual story unveil during the closing of Trump’s 2015 episode. Larry David’s reaction pretty much summed things up.