Jeff Ross Tells Comedy Hype He’s Not Afraid To Roast Against Anyone, Talks ‘Bumping Mics’ Special


At this point his career, comedian Jeff Ross has reached legendary status. If you ask any comedy fan to opine on which comedian has the best roasting skills, it’s guaranteed that the answer is Jeff Ross. If you were a fan of Jeff’s Comedy Central show, “Roast Battle”, then you’re going to love Jeff’s latest project with Netflix, “Bumping Mics” — in the show, Jeff teams up with another comedic legend, Dave Attell, as they compete in an absolutely fearless battle of roasting. Comedy Hype caught up with Jeff Ross to get the scoop on the new show.

“And I just want to say that I love Comedy Hype and everything that you guys do over there,” Ross would kindly note. 

CH: Your new show, “Bumping mics” is currently out on Netflix. In the show, you partnered up with the amazing Dave Attell. What was it about Dave Attell that made you want to partner up with him specifically for this show?

JR: Dave Attell is the only person who could challenge me in the way that I need to be challenged, in order to give it my best. Dave thinks in punchlines and he’s the fastest joke-teller in the world. Partnering up with Dave for “Bumping Mics” was like playing tennis with a great tennis player; Dave keeps me on top of my game.

CH: You’re the creator of another great show, “Roast Battle”, which initially was a live show, then went on to have an incredible televised version on Comedy Central. Would you consider turning “Bumping Mics” into live show, or maybe even go on tour with the show?

JR: Dave and I love being on stage together. We also love roasting in front of a live audience and the fans seem to love it, too. We’d definitely do a tour if the fans were to demand it.

CH: One really special thing about “Bumping Mics”, is that Andrew Jarecki directed the project. Andrew has mostly done documentaries about heavier subjects, such as “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” — Whose idea was it to bring the incredible Andrew Jarecki onboard for this comedy project?

JR: Andrew Jarecki and I have been friends for about 15 years and I’ve always told him that he should direct more comedy projects, just to do something more lighthearted. If you mainly direct documentaries about murderers, it’ll start to take a toll on your emotional well-being [Laughs]. There were a lot of directors interested in directing this project, but Andrew’s vision just fit the project better than anyone else’s vision. Andrew is always the smartest person in the room and everyone respects his opinions. Also, Dave is really picky and he didn’t want to work with someone he didn’t know. When we looked at the finished product, it was very clear that we did the right thing by choosing Andrew to direct it.

CH: At this point, you’re the undefeated champion of roasting. You’re even known as, The Roast Master General. What is it about roasting that excites you so much?

JR: Roasting is like driving a race car; it feels like you constantly have your foot on the accelerator and you’re trying to outrun everyone else. Getting a big laugh after telling a roast joke feels like hitting a Grand Slam. Roasting is exhilarating and I love the euphoric feeling comes with it.

CH: In “Bumping Mics”, you’re going up against Dave Attell. Dave is someone who is also known to have a pretty hefty set of roasting chops. With that being said, is there anyone in comedy who you’re afraid to compete in a roast battle with?

JR: That’s a good question and the answer is “no” [Laughs]. I’m ready to battle whoever wants to battle me. Roasting is just a sport to me and I do it because it’s fun. Even if I lost a battle, I would still have fun, because I don’t take myself too seriously. I don’t care if I win or lose, I just enjoy playing the game.

CH: As someone whose comedy is as truthful as it gets and never holds back, how do you feel about the current state of comedy? Do you think audiences are more offended now than they’ve ever been?

JR: I think the world is too sensitive, but I think comedians are more potent than they’ve ever been. There’s a lot of stuff going on right now and I think comedians are rising to the occasion. I’m happy that my comedian friends aren’t holding back or softening up, just so they don’t offend anyone. In these times, comedy is needed more than ever and I’m happy that comedians are telling it like is, because if we don’t laugh, we cry.

CH: Your hilarious new show with Dave Attell, “Bumping Mics” is out now on Netflix. Aside from “Bumping Mics”, what else should Jeff Ross fans be looking out for?

JR: I have a lot of fun things coming up. I have more projects in the works with Netflix and hopefully we’ll do another big roast with Comedy Central at the top of 2019. Hit me up on Twitter and tell me who you want to see get roasted [Laughs].

Jeff Ross and Dave Attell’s, “Bumping Mics” is now available on Netflix.


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