Jermaine Fowler Talks Debut Comedy Special: “If The Special Doesn’t Work, I Can Throw It Away….I’m Not Afraid Of Being Poor Again”


Before prepping to film his debut comedy special,“Give ’Em Hell, Kid”, Jermaine Fowler of ‘Friends Of The People’ talked with The Washington Post. As he went on to describe his overall thoughts going into filming the special, Fowler explained his nervousness but also lack of fear.

“I’ve never been the guy to sit back and wait until someone approved something I was passionate about,” he says. “This is a comedy special I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a teenager and there’s something about just taking it and making it your own. There’s something so special about this whole project.” The DC Improv was the first comedy club Fowler ever performed at (he placed second in a young comics competition at 18), so there’s sentimental value to filming there, along with practical reasons. “It just feels like the perfect setting to do a stand-up special,” he says. “I wanted it to feel very intimate and yet very big. I want people to leave and go, ‘I really know that guy.’ ”Constructed like a one-man show, “Give ’Em Hell, Kid” tells Fowler’s story in three arcs. “It’s a coming-of-age story, really,” he says. In the final product, Fowler plans to include interviews with family members and scenes filmed where some of the jokes are based. “I love talking about my family and then segueing into a non sequitur about me getting robbed,” Fowler says of his material, which can skew dark but is delivered in an energetic, goofy manner. “I’m pretty much a comic that dwells on what happened to me, instead of what’s happening to me.” Fowler admits he’s nervous for the shows, but he’s not worried about the money he has invested in the special. “I’ve been poor most of my life,” Fowler says. “If [the special] doesn’t work, I can throw it away and make [the money] back next year. I’m fine. I’m not afraid of being poor again.”

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