Jerrod Carmichael Adresses Criticism On His Success: “People Are So Caught Up”

jerrod carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael may be new to comedy but his resume doesn’t reflect that. With a HBO special directed by Spike Lee, a few movie roles, and now his own sitcom on NBC, it looks that things are falling together for the LA based comedian. In an interview with Paper Mag, he commented on some of the criticism there may be on his sudden rise.

PM: Do you ever receive criticism that you haven’t paid enough dues? What do you think about the notion of paying dues?

A lot of people’s criticisms of me are rooted in me just not following the rulebook. You pay dues but it’s such a personal system. You can’t as an outsider say. You learn these lessons and then you move on. It’s gonna be a different time-frame for everyone. What takes someone ten years, might take another guy one. You can only answer it for yourself. :  that they aren’t making art. And look, I like arguing if it’s more than shitting on something and putting it down. Then I don’t mind it, if it’s actually something constructive. I just like progress on all fronts, personal, artistic.

Starting August 26, Jerrod will tell more of his story through The Carmichael Show premiering on NBC.

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