Jessica Alba To Play Gabriel Union’s Partner In ‘Bad Boys Pilot

The pilot series for Bad Boys appears to be coming together at NBC. It has now been revealed that actress Jessica Alba will join the current cast. Alba is set to play partner of Gabrielle Union’s character in the show based on the action franchise, originally starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Jessica Alba is set to executive produce and star opposite Gabrielle Union in NBC’s upcoming “Bad Boys” spinoff pilot. Union will star in the untitled drama as Syd Burnett, her character from “Bad Boys 2.” In the show, she has left the DEA and now has a fresh start in her new job as an LAPD detective. Alba will play Nancy McKenna, Burnett’s partner. McKenna joined the Army out of high school and spent most of the 2000s in Iraq and Afghanistan. Women weren’t allowed in combat, so she joined the military police to get closer to the action. McKenna is now a detective raising two preteen stepkids with her husband.


It has yet to be confirmed if Martin Lawrence and Will Smith will make appearances.

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