Jim Carrey Says An ‘In Living Color’ Reboot Needs To Happen

Is it time for the return of ‘In Living Color’? The other night while promoting his most recent series ‘Kidding’ on SHOWTIME, Jim Carrey would share his thoughts on the idea of an ‘In Living Color’ revival. Carrey, who made a name for himself on the series during the 90’s wouldn’t hesitate with telling ET’s host Kevin Frazier that the series should return to TV. “It really needs to happen, that show needs to exist again… especially now… I love to see it reconstitute itself in another form… I’d go back and hang with them… it opened the door for me,” Carrey would express before wrapping up his interview. Now back in 2013, there were actual plans for ‘In Living Color’ to potentially return to FOX as a reboot but according to Keenen Ivory Wayans the classic series just set the “bar too high”. Take a look at Carrey’s interview, below. He speaks about a In Living Color reboot at the 1:40 mark.

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