John Amos Is Ready To Work With Eddie Murphy For ‘Coming To America 2’

As Coming To America’s sequel beings to come together, many of us want to know which stars from the original film will be returning? John Amos who played the infamous Cleo McDowell in the film is hoping he will be one of the original characters to return. In a new interview with Sway In The Morning, the 77 year-old actor went on to share that he’s very much excited to work with Eddie Murphy again.

“I never worked with anybody with the timing that Eddie Murphy has….he is a true comedic genius. I’m just hopeful that I get a chance to work with him again in anything,” Amos told Sway. Rumors have circulated for years as to what new faces would be involved with the project. In the most recent update on Coming To America 2, it is said Murphy in fact will be involved but it hasn’t been confirmed if he will reprise his role. Check out the legendary actors talk with Sway In The Morning.

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