John Witherspoon Says He Knew Bill Cosby Was Getting Women High In The 70’s

bill john witherspoon

With everyone talking about the latest surrounding Bill Cosby, John Witherspoon recently touched on the topic during a visit to The Joe Clair Morning Show in Washington, D.C. In his interview, he mentions hearing about Bill using Cocaine to get women high, in which he then suggest that Cosby would mix the Cocaine with Quaaludes.

Bill is catching hell, the only thing I can say is “uh oh.”….I have never met him….I remembered when I was coming up, I’m an old man but I’m younger than him, I remember them saying Bill Cosby used to get the girls high. But it wasn’t no damn Quaaludes it was Cocaine. He was buying them Cocaine and would sit there & watch them. They would get Quaaludes and mix it with Cocaine and drive a girl very sexy.

John’s words follow the recent release of court documents of Bill admitting having Quaaludes to use on women for sex. You can watch the actual interview here. Did Pops keep it too real?

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