John Witherspoon Says ‘Last Friday’ Is Confirmed To Start Shooting This Year

John Witherspoon is still very much keeping things going for himself. The stand-up veteran has been hitting the road to provide laughs for his loyal following. Most recently, Witherspoon would stop in St. Louis, MO and made a visit to local radio station, ‘105.7 The Point’ to further discuss his career while in the city.

The interview like others would, of course, touched on his career moments like his days with Richard Pryor, and involvement with the Friday franchise.  As we all know, Ice Cube has reportedly been working on finally producing the final installment of  ‘Friday’ and if it means something to you, Witherspoon would tell the show’s host that the ‘Last Friday’ is set to start filming this year.

“They said they’re going to shoot in the later part of this year…. the fourth one..,” Witherspoon shared.

Watch the 19:30 mark, below as he reveals filming for ‘Last Friday’.  According to Pops, Chris Tucker appearance in the upcoming installment doesn’t look promising.

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