Justin Hires Of Rush Hour Series Talks TV Stereotypes And Being Inspired By Chris Tucker


Yesterday as they gear up to premiere the reboot of Rush Hour to TV audiences on CBS, the cast and show star Justin Hires sat down to answer a few questions at the Television Critics Association. Starting off, Hires who will play Chris Tucker’s former role as detective Carter went on to express Tucker as one as his inspirations, noted by CBS.

Chris Tucker is literally one of the reasons I got into comedy,” he said. “It’s a huge honor and a privilege. If I bring my own comedic voice to this role, eventually audiences will see that there’s a different Detective Carter and hopefully they will grow to love me.

As the conversation progressed, Justin went on to respond to one critic who saw the series as having an undertone of stereotypes. The critic went on to ask;

When the Rush Hour movies were out, they took criticism for being centered on two character who were really stereotypical. … Watching the pilot, I see you haven’t done much to change those archetypes. At a time where shows are really trying to have a nuanced discussion about race, these characters still feel very stereotypical to me. How are you going to try these archetypes a little bit so that they don’t feel so rooted in these longstanding stereotypes?

Hires (21 Jump Street) took on the question first: “I am African-American, I’m a comedian, I crack jokes,” he said. “It’s not just that it’s a stereotype; this is the reality of who I am as a person. It depends on who you are. Some people like comedians who are loud and talk fast; other people like comedians are more of a Jerry Seinfeld. There are some people who like comedians more Chris Tucker and Martin Lawrence. I do not think we are showing negative stereotypes at all on this show. I think we’re showing truth about what America is and who we are. A part of that is showing diversity. You might see someone on television that you don’t like.”


Rush Hour on CBS is set to premiere on March 31st. Will we ever see the franchise back in theaters?

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