Kanye West Did NOT Diss Bill Cosby Or Steve Harvey In New Song, ‘FACTS’

kanye west

Kanye West recently dropped a new song entitled FACTS, just in time for the new year. In the song he made it clear that his ongoing beef with Nike wasn’t completely over. The rapper and now certified fashion designer has openly shared his criticism of Nike after their one time partnership ended. On the same song, Kanye went on to reference some of comedy biggest moments that included Bill Cosby and Steve Harvey.

Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?

The line references Cosby’s current allegations and recent charge all while highlighting Steve Harvey’s mix up at this past Miss Universe. Reference┬áline comes in at 2:10.

Now in Hip-Hop we’ve seen a countless amount of beef and subliminal disses, but this isn’t one of those moments. As soon as the song dropped headline stories read that Kanye dissed the two comedy greats, where? Why would Kanye shoot a shot at Bernie Mac’s longtime friend after honoring Mac in past music like his song Wake Up Mr. West. Why would Kanye diss Bill Cosby, after dealing with his own backlash over the years? If anything Kanye’s Harvey and Cosby line opened up the conversation and showed that comedy is very well apart of this growing culture. Let’s talk more FACTS in 2016.