Kanye West Responds To Jay Pharoah’s VMA Spoof: Suggest Black Comedians Should Leave Black Entertainers Alone

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Turns out Kanye West wasn’t too pleased by Jay Pharoah’s recent performance at this years VMA’s to the point he even ended up calling Jay after the performance. While performing at this years ‘Made In America’ festival Kanye went on his usual rants and aired out Jay Pharoah along with other black comedians who make fun at black entertainers.

TheSessionATL Reports:

Made In America is under way and already Kanye West is making headlines after his latest rant on stage. Kanye West age 37, was not impressed with what Jay Pharoah had to say during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards about him and his family. Jay Pharoah told jokes about Kanye and Kim’s “Bound 2″ video and daughter North West. Kanye was very upset and believed that he should not be spoofed by the black comedian. This is not the first time ‘KimYe’ have been spoofed by SNL’s Jay Pharoah, but this time this one really struck a nerve. “I’m not making it a black or white thing right now, but I’m telling you if you see a black guy anywhere he had to work 12 times as hard, excuse me,” he continued. “So we ain’t gonna have no black comedians going up on stage spoofing the people that’s working hard to open doors, not only for black people, but any creatives.” Here is the spoof that sparked the whole controversy.

Kanye talks Jay Pharoah & Black Comedians at 2:40

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