Karlous Miller: Comedy Star Hiding In Plain Sight


Last week I walked into The Columbus Funny Bone for a Wednesday night show and while I would like to say I was surprised at the turnout for a Wednesday night, I wasn’t. See, the headliner was Karlous Miller and for those of you who keep your eyes & ears open in the comedy community you already know that selling out two shows on a Wednesday is light work for him. For those of you who don’t know, it let’s me know that you haven’t done your homework which is why I believe that he’s one of the best in comedy today hiding in plain sight.

I pulled up for his 10:00 show, his second show of the night and when I got there the line was already spilling out of the club and into the mall area that the club is located in. I’ve seen this before though. I was able to interview Karlous late last year after one of his shows in Dayton, OH. Just like last week’s show that one was sold out and you could feel the energy and enthusiasm before people even got to their seats. This time I was waiting to interview Karlous for my radio show but I made sure that I bought a ticket so I could watch him do his thing first. As with all comedy shows you have your opening acts so just as the audience did, I locked in and gave them a chance to make me laugh as I awaited the headliner. The late show for a comedian is always a little more difficult in my opinion. It’s a different crowd. This crowd has probably already gone to dinner, drank a little more than the earlier show and as time ticks on, they just want to get to the featured act. Well it seemed like some of the openers went over on their time and the crowd began to get restless. People begin yelling out during sets, walking out for more drinks and the bathroom and I just wondered to myself how much longer before they’re a lost cause. In that moment the show’s host reappeared on stage and I knew it was time to get to the show. The reason everyone spent their hard-earned money and showed up on a Wednesday night, Karlous Miller.

From the moment he grabbed the mic that was his stage, his room and his audience. Like I said before, the room was a little on edge but Karlous Miller wasted no time commanding the room and giving the business to anybody who felt the need to yell out during his set. I’ve seen Karlous Miller in multiple settings. I’ve seen him in comedy competitions, I’ve seen him work as a member of the hit podcast ‘The 85 South Show’ (Photoed above) and most notably (for most) I’ve seen him in his improv bag as a cast member of the hit tv show, ‘Wild’n Out’. I don’t think most realize just how much he thrives in the stand-up arena. With the rise of the ‘Social Media Comedian’ it’s easy for people to just lump all of these people together into one category and a lot of people assume that’s the only thing they do, Facebook and Instagram videos. Well, that’s not Karlous Miller and I encourage you to do ya Googles and check his comedic pedigree. He’s been on that stage a lot longer than you think. He has all of the attributes that make up a complete comedian. You already know that he will roast you, that goes without saying but when you dig a little deeper you get to see a complete comedian who has the ability to touch on content that is super relatable and even if you don’t relate, it’s still funny. He has the ability to weave in and out of social commentary while making stops at relationships, race, music and more. For some, they don’t even know they were on the journey until it’s over. Because the opening acts went over, I think the audience thought that he would cut his set short……….nope. He gave non-stop jokes until 1:00am. Being around comedy shows and comedians as long as I have, I can tell when I’m watching someone who not only has a gift but doesn’t take that gift for granted and works daily to improve their craft. I think that is who Karlous Miller is.

I can’t even front, I was just as impressed with him off of the stage as I was with him on stage. After the show he stuck around and took pictures with every single person that wanted one. The crazy thing was that he knew some of these people already. There was a young woman he recognized like “Aye, didn’t I just see you?” She responded “yes” and that she had just saw him all the way out in Denver, Colorado. Crazy enough that she went to different shows that were states apart but the fact that he remembered her says a lot about his connection with his real fans. After the fans left, he then took pictures and hopped on IG with all of the comedians who opened for him, as well as promoters and club staff. Trust me when I say that everyone does not do this and if they do, a lot of them look absolutely miserable while doing it. After all of that he STILL took the time to be a guest on my radio show. I have to say that he’s probably one of the humblest comedians I’ve sat down with. When you ask him about where he is and where he wants to go, he makes it clear that he’s only about the work and making people laugh. Does he feel that he is underrated? I believe so. But I don’t think that’s his MAIN motivation. Karlous Miller is a comedian of the people and when you come up that way you don’t have to go the powers of be, they will come to you. With all of the work he has already done and continues to put into the game, I don’t think he will be hiding in plain sight too much longer. He’s up next!


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